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About Us

Our purpose, story, and promise to our customers to serve the gun community with integrity, quality, and vision.

Our Purpose

This business serves as a vehicle to accomplish a purpose. That purpose is the expansion of the gun-owning community into as many homes as possible and to do so with uncompromising commitment to safety and competency for all who may come into contact with those guns. We want all gun owners to have access to high-quality training and equipment. We want all non-gun owners to understand the basics of firearm safety and functionality. This website began as a way to give access to the equipment for our purpose. We are currently working towards providing greater access to practice and training for everyone to expand the overall level of proficiency of the gun-owning public.

Our Vision

Self-defense is a fundamental human right. It is endowed to each person irrespective of race, religion, sexuality, or other immutable factors. Those of us who take up the mantle of owning and carrying firearms for defense have a sacred responsibility. That responsibility is to train consistently to reach a certain minimum level of proficiency, then to maintain that proficiency while working to improve and expand our skillsets throughout our life. We see the future full of irreproachably safe and exceptionally proficient concealed carriers. We know that in order to do that we must spread the message of safety, training, and preparedness. We work to provide everyone who carries a gun ethically with the equipment, training, practice, and mentality to be an asset in any violent encounter. Join us in pursuit of this vision!

Our Plan

We are building out this website in order to offer a base of revenue to fund a self-paced and directed training program that newer shooters can use to increase their confidence and competence for concealed carry. Additionally, we want to open a brick-and-mortar store in the Leland, NC area to fill a gap of service in that area and to create a space where non-gun people can feel comfortable learning and shopping. Our shop will specialize in outfitting people for concealed carry, whether they are brand new shooters who are purchasing their first gun with the intent to carry, or veteran concealed carriers looking to upgrade or improve. Further in the future, we will acquire property where a store and a range can come together to create a high-quality training environment paired with a store that carries the highest-quality equipment regardless of price as well as budget-friendly equipment that does not compromise the standard of reliability, safety, and usability needed to defend one's life.

Our Founder

PCFT was founded by Justin Hinckley as the vehicle to make firearms training and safe gun ownership accessible to everyone. Gun ownership is a journey of constant learning and testing, and Justin has been doing so since he turned 18 and purchased his first gun(s). His background in the US Marine Corps gave him additional opportunities to learn and train with different firearms, settings, tactics, and people. Through his service he met many other passionate shooters and saw how much training it takes to go from good to great and beyond. Now, his passion is focused primarily on raising the baseline level of skill, knowledge, and confidence in the less-involved gun owner. New gun owners, casual gun owners, gun owners without formal training, are people who Justin wants to serve in this and other endeavors.